III ÉPOCA. ERASMUS+ IPEP de Jaén. Clausura. D. Agustín González Romo, Excelentísimo Alcalde del Ayuntamiento de Jaén clausura el congreso Erasmus.

D. Agustín González Romo, Excelentísimo Alcalde del Ayuntamiento de Jaén
Foto de Manuel Ortega García.

Sábado, 10 de febrero de 2024. Han sido dos días realmente intensos, con unas agendas especialmente apretadas y ajustadas. No obstante, el señor alcalde de Jaén, D. Agustín González Romo encuentra un hueco en su agenda y se presta a presidir el acto de clausura del congreso, en el que remarca la importancia de este acto, trasmite su agradecimiento a los organizadores y participantes por haber tenido a bien organizarlo en la preciosa tierra de Jaén y los invita a que no se quede en un primer congreso, que no haya sido esta Semana Erasmus+ flor de un día, sino que retomemos con fuerza y ganas esta senda de trabajo tan ambiciosa, innovadora y pionera y, de nuevo, en la bendita tierra de Jaén. 

‘Repensando las prácticas educativas con adultos, con estudiantes penitenciarios y con menores infractores’

English version:

'Good morning to all and to our friends of Jaén, and I hope that what we have experienced for the first time is not the last.
First of all, I must convey my most sincere congratulations and gratitude, and above all my deep admiration for this initiative that we have brought here to Jaén these days. 


We are facing a pioneering, brave project and above all committed to society, with a very special focus on those sectors that sometimes go unnoticed, even unfortunately invisible, but they make up a vulnerable part of our community, but also important.

This first Andalusian congress on education centered on minors, offenders and adult marks a significant milestone and, I am not exaggerating if I say that I am convinced of, will also be the starting point for future meetings and very constructive collaborations. 


It also fills me with pride that this initiative has emerged here in Jaén thanks to a group of IPEP teachers whose restlessness and dreaming spirit have made it possible and also with great success, with great love and with great success. 


This event gives us the opportunity to share, to seek answers together and, especially, to make it visible, that is why I said before that visibility is very important for those teachers and groups that sometimes find themselves hidden in the background. Students and teachers who certainly deserve our recognition. 

During these days you have addressed crucial and fascinating issues and motivation in this context takes on a fundamental role. Reducing the rate of absenteeism and dropouts, turning education into an attractive matter to young people, young prisoners in this case and those at risk of social exclusion is essential. It is essential because we must show them that Education is the key tool for their rehabilitation, opening new possibilities and new paths in their return to freedom. As you Nelson Mandela said, and I'm sure you've heard it before, education is the great engine of personal development, because it is the most powerful weapon to change the world. 


A phrase, as I say, a message, which is no less true because it is trite, and that is why I like to remember it. This congress has placed special emphasis on the importance of a permanent education adapted to reality, but to that day-to-day reality, now which represents a change of the 21st century, where information technologies and communication, ICT, are fundamental. The new pedagogical methodologies with great relevance and internationalization and globalization are an unquestionable reality.

Rethinking educational practices

 for adults, prison students and

 young offenders.

Good proof of that is this congress. The Erasmus and Erasmus Plus programs open us a range of possibilities and experiences, precisely breaking down geographical and personal barriers to broaden our vision, our expectations and our dreams.

In this context, the key lies in sharing, as you have done here these days, with an open mentality towards learning, towards reflection and towards growth. And you have also done it in the best possible way, sharing it with colleagues from other countries, cities and with colleagues from all over Europe.

The conclusion of this first congress leads me to a great truth. Small ideas that come from the hearts of young people can do great things. People with big hearts who believe that we all deserve another chance, who think that we all deserve to be able to choose a new destiny, and they know that the key to obtaining it is education.

Together, I am confident that we will build a more just and inclusive future, where education is the compass that guides everyone towards a full and free life. 


Jaén tells you goodbye with a soon goodbye, not a goodbye, a soon goodbye, and wishes you a happy return home. We hope you have had the opportunity to explore our welcoming city, from our inspiring cathedral, to the streets of the city, and to enjoy the warmth and hospitality of our towns. Your presence has enlarged our city, both culturally and intellectually, and we hope to welcome you back in the future.

Although it is true that the rain has made an appearance these days, a blessed apparition, we hope it hasn't put a damper on your experience of our beautiful land. Rain, as a symbol of renewal and hope, reminds us that after the storm always comes peace, and that the future is full of possibilities. Thank you very much for your work. Good luck and welcome back next time you're here.